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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Do you always have pain because of fibromyalgia? There is a solution. Acupuncture in numerous researches, has been relieving the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Pain, headache, lack of sleep, immunodeficiency, depression, anxiety are all related symptoms due to fibromyalgic conditions. Acupuncture solution is to create inner Qi to help your body fight with the condition. With the base of stronger immune, then coursing the Liver Qi (which is the key of treating fibromyalic pain) to utilize the core Qi that had been built to take care of the pain. In addition to strengthening and utilizing the Qi of source to take care of weakness and ease the pain, acupuncturists support the Spleen/Stomach Qi to function the center (,so called Yuan Qi) to prevent the pain to reoccur. The common points for fibromyalgia is UB source points which are located throughout the extremities and Liver blood tonic points (which are essential to course and ease the pain). Individual fibromyalic conditions can vary, so additional support of herbal treatments are sometimes required.

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