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Your Healing Professional

Meet Alice 


Alice Kang founded Bay Sunflower Acupuncture to serve our community and take care of people's health. The passion to help and guide people through their steps of health lead Alice to continue her carrier and purpose.

Alice provides traditional acupuncture treatment along with nutritional and exercise guidance.  With general pain relief, she deals with cases of fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, hot flashes, Bell's palsy, and many more symptoms and conditions.

Alice's Footsteps 

  • Founder/Acupuncturist of Bay Sunflower Acupuncture, San Jose

  • Founder/Acupuncturist of Min Kang Acupuncture LLC, MN

  • Acupuncturist at Zen Healing Center, Edina MN

  • Acupuncturist at Lifetree Clinic, Burnsville, MN

  • Intern at San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, San Diego, Califorina

  • Intern at Senior Clinic at First Lutheran Church, San Diego, California

  • Intern at Mental Health Services Inc, Oceanside, California

  • Volunteer intern at World Acupuncture Mission, a South Korean Acupuncturist group

Acupuncture Session
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Pinpoint the Spots

Our  Traditional Acupuncture helps you find exact regions which originate current conditions.  We apply matching acupuncture points which help you relieve and recover from symptoms.  Bay Sunflower Acupuncture helps you reach a healthier lifestyle and ultimately, a well balanced mind-body which gives you better immune and longevity.  Experience the effective treatment of Bay Sunflower Traditional Acupuncture.  


Supplement the Treatment

Cupping therpy is effective in treating deep muscular tension and soreness.  Other symptoms that can be treated by cupping therapy are cold and flu, digestive problem, thyroid issues, and many more.  Moxibustion a.k.a moxa is widely used for pain due to cold, inflammation, or arthritis.  Moxa is good treatment method for menstrual diseases and some cases of menopausal symptoms. 

Acupuncture Treatment


Boost the Healing

Herbs are very common nowdays in both Eastern and Western world.  Traditionally, in China, there had been people with multiple symptoms that was difficult to treat just with acupuncture.  Oriental medicine is by fact the combination treatment of herbs and acupuncture.  



Guide to Healthier Living

Nutrition is critical in daily support on our body system.  It is not lower the degree to say "what you eat is what you are".  Alice guides you to better habits of nutritional intake.  Each individual needs guided constitutional selection of ingredients and how to take them properly.  

Fresh Produce


Boost the Healing

Some meridians, (pathways of Qi energy), can be directly supported by routines of exercises with acupuncture.  Alice guides you to move and get you into better habit of using your body to accelerate the treatments results. 

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"Alice is an amazing acupuncturist. She helped me with recover from painful inflammation in my spine. After my 6 weeks of treatments, I feel much stronger and more energetic. She is very patient and she explained what she was working on in each session."

Amanda B.

“I have had acupuncture treatments with Alice for the last two months for chronic pain that traditional medicine has been unable to help me resolve.  From the first session, I have felt very relaxed and have noticed improvement each time.  Something special happened at my latest treatment- I can only describe it as energy pulsing through my right foot (my most painful area).  My foot has been almost painfree since.  I can walk the dog without pain!  A simple statement, but life changing for me!  Thank you Alice!”

Karen C.

“Alice has changed my life! A few months ago I made the decision to try Acupunture for "Hot Flashes." I went from having them every hour of the day and night to hardly ever having them. I was given my quality of life back, and will be forever greatful. Both my husband and I have continued to go to the clinic for other medical issues ranging from allergies to hip problems. I can't say enough about this clinic and the commitment to care you will receive here.”

Debra B.

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We accept most major insurances.  Please give us a call (408) 409-0016 to check your eligibility/benefit.   

Other payments

Please give us a call at (408) 409-0016 to ask current rate.  Thank you. 

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Get in touch with Bay Sunflower Acupuncture to learn more about our treatments and services.

4155 Moorpark Ave Suite 16  San Jose, CA 95117

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