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Flower in Sunlight

Meet Alice

  • Founder/Acupuncturist of Bay Sunflower Acupuncture in San Jose, CA

  • Founder/Acupuncturist of Min Kang Acupuncture in Edina, MN  

  • Acupuncturist of Zen Healing Center in Edina, MN 

  • Acupuncturist of Lifetree Clinic in Burnsville, MN 

  • Acupuncture intern of San Diego Hospice in San Diego, CA 

  • Acupuncture intern of Senior Clinic of Downtown Lutheran Church in San Diego, CA

  • Acupuncture intern of Oceanside Family Counseling Center in Oceanside, CA

  • Served as an acupuncture intern of World Acupuncture Mission in Torrance, CA         

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