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Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy is a common disease that in Chinese Medicine, is very likely treatable. The key to treat Bell's Palsy is timing. When you are diagnosed as Bell's Palsy, of course you have to start acupuncture treatment right away. As time goes and miss the right time to take care of the disease, you may miss the whole chance to cure the disease nor take longer time to treat it.

The most common Bell's Palsy reason is when you have Qi deficiency, which means that the source of your body energy is not sufficient enough to affect bodily function. This will show in your face. Face is the mirror of your whole body.

The next common reason for Bell's palsy is blood deficiency. Jing, in Chinese Medicine, is the representation of sinews, bones, and even blood itself. Jing represents with Qi, the foremost source of energy in human body.

The lastly, but not least, Qi and Blood both deficient.

There are cases but in less percentage in population, of Wind affect and Blood loss, which are relatively easier to treat than Qi or Blood deficiency.

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